THREE Indonesia 2nd Store Grand Opening - Central Neo Soho

Greetings World!
YAY! Produk kecantikan THREE akhirnya punya store keduanya di Indonesia, produk asal Jepang ini memilih Central Neo Soho Department Store sebagai lokasinya. Gak hanya punya produk makeup, THREE juga punya rangkaian produk skin care yang sesuai untuk kulit Asia.

Dalam acara grand opening store ini, THREE juga mengundang Mr. Yuta Sato as THREE Internasional Makeup Artist. 
Mr. Yuta Sato memberikan demo makeup dengan tema yang sedang nge-tren saat ini, yaitu Natural makeup. Mr. Yuta juga ngejelasin beberapa produk dari THREE itu cocok untuk warga Indonesia, seperti THREE primer yang mengandung 80% natural ingredients and helps providing a smooth finish for the makeup.
Mr. Ishibashi as President of THREE reveals that Indonesia is the third country in the world having THREE store.
THREE known as the cosmetic and skin care label from Japan that is consistent with their holistic approach.  Kali ini, THREE Indonesia membuka store keduanya yang berlokasi di Central Neo Soho, Jakarta Barat.
THREE Shimmering Colour Veil with 30 different colour.
The best products from THREE Indonesia is THREE Cleansing Oil. Made of organic natural ingredients that will help cleanse and soothe your skin as well as relieving your daily stress.

Don/t forget to pose at Neo Soho Fashion Gallery ><

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Thank you for having me THREE Indonesia. Once again Congratulation for your 2nd Store! <3



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