SenZues, Body Lotion Natural dengan Paraben & SLS Free (Cell Active - Anti Keriput)

Tanda-tanda penuaan sudah mulai muncul di kulitmu? Ada cara mengatasinya kok! 
Yuk pulihkan kemampuan anti-ageing natural kulit dengan tiga cara: 
deep mosturization, stimulasi kolagen kulit, dan perlindungan dari radikal bebas. 
Hasilnya adalah kulit yang lebih kencang dan pengurangan kerutan.

Greetings World!
Kali ini aku mau bahas soal body lotion natural yang bebas dari Paraben & SLS yaitu SenZues Cell Activate with bioREGENE+™ Collagen-Activating Body Lotion. Body Lotion ini punya ukuran yang beragam, ada yang 60ml, 200ml, hingga 300ml. Selain itu, SenZues Cell Activate ini juga cocok untuk semua jenis kulit.

Apa sih bioREGENE+™ itu?
bioREGENE+™ adalah fomulasi dari botanical dan kandungan biotechnology active yang memberikan 3 special tri-factor action yaitu hydra-revival, luminosity enchancement dan juga anti-oxidant protection.

CELL ACTIVATE tau bahwa cara untuk melawan penuaan pada kulit adalah dengan mengembalikan produksi kolagen pada tubuh.
Aktifitas dari tanaman bioteknologi yang diturunkan oleh CELL ACTIVATE merangsang serat kolagen dan sel-sel epidermis untuk mengisi dan melembutkan keriput yang akan muncul.
Dengan kandungan bioREGENE+, CELL ACTIVATE lah yang paling dibutuhkan oleh kulit mu.

Stay young forever with SenZues Cell Activate! Kandungan Hydroxyproline di dalamnya telah teruji klinis aman dan dapat menstimulasi produksi kolagen di kulitmu sehingga kulitmu akan tetap kencang.
SenZues Cell Activate ini punya texture yang gak terlalu sticky, dan mudah banget saat diratain di kulit. Kalau untuk wangi, ini super banget! I really love the fragrance yang langsung kecium saat pengaplikasian body lotion ini.
Deep Moisturizingnya juga cukup terlihat, langsung melembabkan kulit yang kering tanpa bikin kulit terasa too sticky.


  • Rejuvenation of skin collagen function for a firmer skin
  • Hydra-structuring effect for immediate and long-term moisturizing effect
  • Forms a “second skin” effect that nourishes and maintains skin hydration
  • Plumps and smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines
  • Protection against free radicals
  • * For best results, apply twice daily
The plant-derived hydroxyproline in CELLACTIVATE is a highly potent anti-ageing active:

  • Stimulates collagen contraction and inhibits collagen breakdown that is 8x more powerful than Vitamin C¹
  • 32% reduction in number of wrinkles² after 42 days

Contains Chlorella vulgaris-derived active that has been clinically tested and proven to provide the following results:

  • Forms a protective “second skin”¹
  • 27% higher moisture level compared to placebo within the 1st hour²
  • 1040% higher sustained moisture level compared to placebo after 21 days, even after stopping application for 1 week³
SenZues Body Lotion ini di manufacture di Malaysia dan di formulasikan di Perancis. Namun SenZues Body Lotion ini sudah ada di Indonesia dengan BPOM yang sah dan aman untuk kita gunakan. Untuk kisaran harga, SenZues Body Lotion berukuran 60ml dihargai sekitar Rp 158.000.

  1. Lumi Bright – to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spot
  2. Night Active – to repair stem-cell overnight
  3. Hydra Cool – to hydrate and provide broad protections from UVA and UVB 
  4. Cell Activate – to restore skin’s natural anti-aging
  5. Hydra Firm – to reduce the cellulites, tighten your skin, and smooth out dimples
SenZues ingredients are sourced from around the world. From the most remote continents, to the deepest oceans. Only the purest and the best ingredients go into senZues products.

We know your desire to have flawless and luminous skin that stands the test of time.
At the heart of all our products is bioREGENE+™, a perfected formula by Oregene Laboratories International, Inc., combining the extracts of Actinidia polygama fruit, a traditional Asian remedy cultivated in the mountainous areas of Japan, with a marine-extract from Mediterranean Sea

Matatabi Extract (Actinidia Polygama)
A plant native to the mountainous areas of East Asia, Matatabi has been used as a traditional cure for many ailments for centuries. The secret lies in the plant’s high ascorbic acid, flavonoids and beta-carotene. Research has shown that it has much higher Vitamin C content than green tea, fruit berries and lemon.
The extract of Matatabi works deep in the skin to improve the skin’s moisture level and inhibits melanin synthesis for a bright and translucent skin.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline
This plant-originated biotechnology-derived ingredient contains essential amino acids that rejuvenate the skin from deep within. It is highly effective for anti-ageing and skin firming effects. This advanced ingredient has been demonstrated to improve appearance of wrinkles through its skin collagen synthesis effect, advanced skin hydration and protection from free radicals.

Green Alga (Chlorella Vulgaris)
Chlorella vulgaris is a species of green microalgae which is high in protein and essential nutrients leading to its popularity as a “super-food”.
Beyond health supplement, the extract of this green algae is also known for its skin hydration, anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and collagen stimulating properties.

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