Free Instagram Story Highlight Cover / Icons [by marisaadepari]

 Hi Gorgeous~ 
How's going?

By the way, I just realize that my Instagram Highlight was kinda messy, so i decided to get a Cover / Icons for every Instagram / Instastory Highlight i had. I think it's a great way to keep my Instagram Profile on brand.

So, i google it and typed 'Free Instagram Story Icons', i saw that most of the free icons are the one that my Blogger friends or other Social Media Influencer used, beside that, i'm not really satisfy with those design, i want more colors~


That's why, i decided to create my own Cover Images for my Instagram Highlight, i used the free Background & Stickers from Photo Grid*.
*they don't sponsor me, ok. 

Feel free to use it for your Instagram!
  Download Here  


Food/Drink & Announcement

Beauty & Music

Random & Thought


Hope that helps!
If you like those Icons i made, i would be very happy to read your comments down below~

Thank you for reading!^^
- Bunch of Loves -

Marisa Depari

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  1. Gemesh bgt kaa😍❤️ Maaci kaa tipsnyaa🙏🏻


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