The reason why i choose Dreaming Bracesbecause i'm wearing Braces and all of this start with a lil' Dream of mine. 
 That's it. lol 

 Anyway, Hi! 

Nama ku Marisa Agape Depari, biasa sering banget di panggil Ica, Caca, Gape atau Aga. 
Aku mulai nulis blog sejak bulan Maret 2016. Tulisanku sendiri memang jauh dari kata sempurna, but i just love to write about all things i like, and i also love to share my story~

So i hope you enjoy reading my public diary!
and here's a little facts a me~


I Like...
Action Crime Movie
Beauty Things 

Try to not being too Hungry lol

I Eat...
Ice Cream Green Tea & Strawberry
Seafood But i don't really like Fish

I Drink...
Thai / Green Tea

I Choose...
A Boy that good in making a conversation rather than 
a Boy who only have a good looking face.
Parents Hometown than a Mall
Beach than a Theater

I Would Bring...
Handphone & Notes

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